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Showcase 2.0

for those who miss the_showcase

The Showcase 2.0
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The_Showcase Redux; for those who miss the_showcase and want another round.

In January of 2006, watchpoint and track_three created the_showcase, a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) competition designed to even out the playing field of everyone having a bad icon once in a while by judging on sets of icons instead. It lasted one round and then, in the second round, the community fell silent. This made us sad, so we've decided to redux The_Showcase with the new and (hopefully) just as good twopointohno.

The concept is simple: every two weeks participants will be given a set of screencaps, from which they have to make a set of five icons. At the end of those weeks the sets are judged by LIMS standards; this means by technique and technical quality, not just stylistic choices. Then, after each challenge, one or two icon makers are eliminated until there's one icon maker left standing.

Round 1 Winner: slodwick!
Round 2 will be movie themed. See the challenges here and sign up!

Your moderators are iulieki (@ piaresquare and lickourlegs) and saeva (@ nihil_est and lickourlegs).

New challenges will go up every other Thursday. Icon sets will be due every other Tuesday, with voting going up that same night.

Round 2 Dates
Challenge 1: starts Tue July 29. entries due Mon Aug 18.
Challenge 2: starts Thu Aug 21. entries due Tue Sept 2.
Challenge 3: starts Thu Sept 4. entries due Tue Sept 16.
Challenge 4: starts Thu Sept 18. entries due Tue Sept 30.
Challenge 5: starts Thu Oct 2. entries due Tue Oct 14.
Challenge 6: starts Thu Oct 16. entries due Tue Oct 28.
Challenge 7: starts Thu Oct 30. entries due Tue Nov 11.
Challenge 8: starts Thu Nov 13. entries due Tue Nov 25.

Icons are to be submitted in a comment to the challenge post. Please comment with your five icons and their five urls. Comments are screened to keep the entries anonymous.

Do not share your icons with others until the results for that challenge have been posted or you will be disqualified!

While images can be reused, the five icons must be significantly different from each other. That means in crop, style, text, they must not be visible variations of another icon in your set.

Special Rule: If you are unable to complete your five icons, you are allowed to submit as little as 3 icons. If you choose to do that instead of using a skip, you will start the voting with negative votes against your set. For example, if you submit 3 you will start with -2 votes, and if you submit 4 icons you will start with -1. Everyone who submits five will start with 0.

Everyone is welcome to vote! Friend the community so you don't miss the voting posts :)

Voting is based on technical skills, not style or personal preference. Votes that show personal preference will not be allowed. There is an excellent guide to voting in LIMS if you are unsure of how to put your vote into words.

We also encourage people to look past the styles of the five icons. They may match and look great together, but are they well made? There may be a set of five individually excellent icons that don't look the same in style, do not overlook those sets!

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