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The Final Challenge (dun, dun, dun)

Congratulations again to our survivors, frodolyn, marishna, and slodwick. You now face the most annoying biggest challenge yet. Under the cut are 40 screencaps from two different movies -- paranormal mystery The Invisible and suspense horror film 28 Weeks Later. Your challenge is to make five icons from these caps, but there's a catch (or three).

(1) Each icon must combine at least two of the caps.
(2) You cannot make all five icons from the same movie. You must use both movies in your icons.
(3) At least one of your icons must include both movies.

For clarity's sake: You can blend, you can split, you can modify, but you must use at least two caps for each icon.

The Invisible

Annie is Nick's hospital room
Annie + Nick in the hospital
Victor, Annie's little brother (a)
Victor + Nick
Detective Larson interrogates Pete, Nick's best friend (a)
Marcus, Annie's boyfriend
Nick + Pete
Annie attacks Nick
Annie, after the attack
Marcus, telling Annie to leave
Detective Larson talking to Nick's mother
Nick's mother, Diane
Annie and Marcus face off, Nick watches
Annie's got a gun
Annie escapes into the music
Nick is not amused
Annie catches up with Marcus
Detective Larson
Nick being backlit
Diane in the hospital, confronting Annie

28 Weeks Later

Don and his children Tammy + Andy
Tammy comforts Andy
Andy's nightmare
Tammy + Andy in a moment of calm
Tammy and Scarlet run
Tammy + Andy, under attack
Doyle spots Andy
Photograph of Andy and his mother Alice
Tammy, exhausted
Tammy + Andy, sitting on an abandoned fair swing
The siblings watching Doyle
Scarlet running
Doyle + Scarlet on the move
Doyle laying cover fire
Tammy, Andy, Doyle + Scarlet running
Tammy, Andy + Scarlet underground
The siblings at the top of a broken escalator
Don, bloody
Tammy, upset + with gun
Tammy + Andy reach their destination

If you have any further questions, ask me. Icons are due by 9PM PDT (Los Angeles time) on November 19, 2008. That's two weeks from today. See this pretty map or world clock for the current time.
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