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Round 2 Ch #6 - Forrest Gump

And we are down to our final five! frodolyn, marishna, slodwick, mangofandango, saeva. Nobody has any skips left.

The next challenge is Forrest Gump. ...Hopefully that doesn't really need explanation. ;)

- You can only use the given caps
- You are free to use any textures, stocks, brushes, animation.
- Blending multiple images is allowed.
- Reusing images is also allowed. So long as there are 5 different icons
- Do not post/use/share your icons until the challenge is over and results are posted. You will be disqualified for doing so.
- Please submit your icons in a comment to this post. Include the urls of each icon. If you change your icons let us know by editing the original comment, or deleting and resubmitting, or commenting just to say something's changed.
- You can submit less than 5 icons if you're unable to make a full set. However you still must have at least 3 icons. There will be a 1 point deduction (in voting) for each icon that you're missing.

View all the images at once.

01. Momma Gump
02. How Elvis got his signature dance
03. Forrest and Jenny sitting in a tree
04. Forrest and Jenny in the rain
05. Getting a hug from momma
06. Discussing shrimp with Bubba while scrubbing floors
07. Forrest getting yelled at by Lt Dan
08. Lt Dan in the heat of battle
09. Forrest carrying someone wounded
10. Offering Lt Dan some ice cream
11. YUM Ice cream
12. Lt Dan, too close for comfort
13. Meet Bubba's family
14. Forrest and Jenny post rally
15. Lt Dan getting into his wheelchair
16. Jenny
17. Forrest running across country
18. Jenny throwing rocks
19. Jenny breaking down
20. Forrest Gump

Challenge ends Tuesday Oct 28 at 9PM PDT (See this pretty map or world clock for the current time in LA).
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